Our goal is to educate residents of the West Valley on how to prevent skin cancer and other dangers related to sun exposure. There are many local areas such as parks, stadiums, public pools and schools that would benefit from providing access to both educational materials and sunscreen readily available.

Our Mission: To educate the public on the prevalence and dangers of skin cancer and to provide information and resources on skin cancer prevention strategies.

Our Team: The West Valley “DIPS”.  We are a team of Dynamic, Impactful, Passionate and Successful individuals. Our team members are Dawn DeMers, David Fyke, Melissa Holdaway, Frank Severino and Molly Stockley.

Our Project Objectives:

  1. Educate children and their parents on the dangers of sun damage.
  2. Educate Arizonans about the importance of starting a good skin care routine at a young age.
  3. Have materials that coaches can use to assist them in keeping their teams safe.
  4. Have educational materials and sunscreen readily available – especially at those venues where sun exposure is the most prevalent.
  5. Install sunscreen dispensing equipment at high risk locations including parks, public pools, stadiums and schools.
  6. Have the West Valley be the forefront on the prevention of skin related diseases and have the rest of the state look to our project to copy in other areas.
  7. Obtain partnerships with the community at large.
  8. Obtain partnerships for donation of materials.
  9. Funding to get the project underway.

Our Sponsors:

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